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<br> away from him like the ends of the innumerable cigarettes he had been smoking all his life. Once, however, a really interesting adventure of his boyhood was recalled accidentally to his mind. He came home one evening from the Carmen, where he had been spending the day, and during supper told me the following story.When he was about sixteen years old he was sent one day with four others  three lads like himself, and a middleaged man named Marcos in charge of them  with a herd of horses required for military service at a place twentyfive leagues up the river. For, at that period, every person was at the beck and call of the commander of the colony. Halfway to their destination ther. <a href=http://www.scarf-burberry.com/burberry-giant-check-scarf.html>Fake Burberry giant check scarf</a> e was a corral, or
was famed for an almost preternatural keenness of sight, had great experience of the wild life of the frontier, and was always employed as a scout in times of Indian warfare. He was also a celebrated horsethief. His horsestealing propensities were ineradicable, and had to be winked at on account of his usefulness so that he was left in a great measure to his own devices. He was, in fact, a fox hired to act as watchdog to the colony in times of danger and though the victims of his numberless thefts had always been anxious to wreak personal vengeance on him.<br> <a href=http://www.scarf-burberry.com><b>Discount Burberry scarves</b></a>  his vulpine sagacity had so far enabled him to escape them all. My interest in him arose from the fact that he was the son of a man whose name figures in Argentine history. Sosas father was an illiterate gaucho  a man of the plains  possessing faculties so keen that to ordinary beings his feats of vision and hearing, and his sense of direction on the monotonous pampas, seemed almost miraculous. As he also possessed other qualities suitable to a leader of men in a semisavage region, he rose in time to the command of the southwestern frontier, where his numerous victories over the Indians gave him so gr. <a href=http://www.scarf-burberry.com/burberry-scarf-black.html>Burberry scarf black Online</a> eat a prestige that the jealousy of the Dictator Rosas  the Nero of South America, as he was called by his enemies  was roused, and at his instigation Sosa was removed by means of a cup of poison. The son, though in all other respects a degenerate being, inherited his fathers wonderful senses. One instance of his keensightedness which I heard struck me as very curious. In 1861 Sosa had found it prudent to disappear for a season from the colony, and in the company of five or six more gauchos  also offenders against the law, who had flown to the refuge of the desert  he amused himself by hunting ostriches along the Rio Colorado. On the 12th of March the hunters were camping beside a grove of willows in the valley, and about nine oclock that evening, while seated round the fire roasting their ostrich meat, Sosa suddenly sprang to his feet and held his open han